Referral Support For Our Clients

Top Experts ńContinuing Help

We take pride in helping our clients. We also know we have limitations. We further know our clients depend on us to advice, counsel, and in all ways help them.

We know lawyers throughout the state through our activity in the State Bar Association and though our experience in a wide variety of legal, business, and banking experience. Through our knowledge and relationship with these lawyers we are truly a full service law firm.

For example, we do not directly handle medical malpractice cases. These are cases that require a very high level of medical knowledge and they require a substantial financial investment in expert testimony to succeed. We know excellent lawyers who we have worked with and who have the experience in medical malpractice cases that can serve our clients. In these cases we defer to outside experts while we continue to serve as translators of the technical language, and serve as advisors to our clients during the settlement process or trial. We have the ability, knowledge and experience to help evaluate alternatives.

We do not handle high level indictable criminal cases, bankruptcy cases, or express opinions on the public sale of business stock or securities when a company ěgoes publicî. We leave these areas of law to lawyers we have identified who can help our clients better than we could directly. But here too we continue to work with our client to be sure they understand communications from lawyers we refer them to.

We also know lawyers who limit their practice to intellectual property law who can help protect an idea or creation through the copyright, patent, or trademark process, as well as litigate these special issues when disputes arise.

Our clients are not left on their own in these important areas of their lives to guess who can help them, or to rely on advertising to find a malpractice, indictable criminal, bankruptcy, or patent lawyer, etc. We can and will help them make their selection and work with them through the process in which our referral experts are helping them.