Other Office Staff

Office Staff

We employ two full time, one part time, and one contract staff members who you are likely to meet and get to know as a client of our office, or encounter as a visitor.


Sharon is our up-beat receptionist, the person who often answers the telephone, and is an assistant to Mr. Roth. She often returns telephone calls for him when he is not available and handles his calendar scheduling his appointments. She also handles much of the office billing and deposits.


Jackie has returned to us after finishing her time in college and starting her family. She is the second friendly voice you will likely hear when Sharon is busy elsewhere. She is also likely to be the person who typed a letter you receive from our office.


Ron manages the bookkeeping and keeps track of the billing and payments received in the office and the deposits of money. His financial record keeping skills are important to all of us.


Richard is the office controller. He is an independent contractor, the office accountant, and is responsible for all financial reporting. He audits the financial affairs of the office.

All of our staff is here to serve our clients as needed.